Body Lotion

Aromatherapy body lotions, vegan, moisturizing, and long-lasting on your skin.

Our awesome body lotions are vegan and made with an all-botanical, cruelty-free base, essential oils, and easily absorbed carrier oils like Sweet Almond, Avocado, Apricot Kernel, and Jojoba. Sweet Almond is nearest to the natural oil found in your skin. Avocado oil is valued for its Vitamin D, while Apricot Kernel has Vitamins A and C. 


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Lavender Body Lotion - 8 oz

Lavender Body Lotion is a rich and creamy lotion with organic Lavender essential oil

Rose Sundae Body Lotion - 8 oz

Rose Sundae Body Lotion has a fresh rose aroma and is a long-lasting moisturizer